Carson Valley Meats ag education

The importance of ag education

My children and I participated in FFA and 4-H. It’s important for them and for ranching that they continue to learn about the food chain. Mike works with local groups, and we have made the commitment to those groups to provide educational opportunities to them!

An open letter to our neighbors

As responsible business owners, we have hired local professionals out of our own pockets to help us move our business plan forward. These professionals include an engineering firm to help with our state-of-the-art water filtration system, our attorney to help us navigate the legal process, and a marketing firm to help us provide the community…

Karin Sinclair Special Use Permit Major Variance

Special Use Permit/Variance Request

Many, many questions have come up over the special use permit and variance request. The special use permit is to include a commercial meat processing facility and the major variance is for paved parking and access improvements on the two acres of the site where the facility will be located. Click here to view the…