4 issues facing ranchers today_land for grazing

4 Issues Facing Ranchers Today

Today, the average age of a rancher is over 58 years old, and that number has been steadily rising over time. According to the USDA Census of Agriculture, the average age of an American farmer in 1982 was 50 years. By 2012, that number had risen to 58 years old. That means there are fewer…

Comfort Foods chili in a bowl

Comfort Foods that Warm the Soul

Our Fall Recipe Round-Up As the autumn leaves change colors and the days become shorter and colder, our appetites change as well. We start to crave cozy and heartier comfort foods that warm both the body and soul. We already shared our Fall 2021 Comfort Foods Recipe Book, but we wanted to give you some…

Fall Comfort Foods

Fall is one of our favorite times on the ranch. With the leaves turning and the weather cooling off, it’s a nice break from summer. Plus, we’re getting into fall comfort foods season! We’ve created this recipe book that is chock-full of some of our best comfort foods, using some of our more affordable cuts…

the great rib controversy_beef vs pork ribs on a barbecue

The Great Rib Controversy: Beef vs. Pork

Carnivores are united in their love of ribs but what separates them is the question, “pork or beef?”. Ribs are not only delicious, but they’re also fun to eat, and fun to make. There are so many ways to make them, you can cook them in almost anything, and you have options in what kind of meat you use.

How to order your ranch box with marinade recipe

How to order a Ranch Box

OK – it’s time to order your Ranch Box! It’s super easy, and with no minimums or subscriptions required, you can pick and choose from all of the fine local food producers who participate in our Ranch Boxes. What can I order in my Ranch Box? Choose from our selection of homegrown beef, lamb, pork,…

Beef ribeye steak Carson Valley

The Quintessential Steak Blog

We know steak! One nice thing about our line of work is our customers are usually steak fans like us. With so many options to choose from on our online Ranch Box store, we understand that deciding on the perfect cut can be tricky. We sat down with Mike Holcomb, the ranch manager of our…

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A Day in the Life

Ahhhh, ranch life. So sweet and so…on-going. The work never ends, but it does change with the seasons. No day is ever the same, and no day passes without a surprise of some kind. Every day, I’m up before the sun making breakfast for whoever is on hand to work that day. Flapjacks, sausage and…